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     I hired Harrow on the Hill Carpet Cleaning for general house cleaning purposes and am so glad I did. They got my house in a fit state again and for that, I'm incredibly grateful.
Ronnie A19/05/2020
     Wonderful house cleaners! They do most jobs in under two hours.
Matthew Kelley20/09/2019
     I am a total convert to the cleaning services offered by Carpet Cleaning Company Harrow on the Hill. Their team are very helpful and efficient workers, always get the job done in super quick time.
Benny Hail28/11/2018
     I want to pass on my gratitude to the cleaners who worked so hard in my property. Their hard work resulted in a fantastic clean. I'm already planning to use Carpet Cleaning Services Harrow on the Hill again.
R. Jamieson20/11/2017
     Had a very, very nasty wine spill and had to hire HarrowontheHillCarpetCleaners to send over their upholstery cleaners to deal with the problem. The stain was going nowhere by itself, and I could not do anything about it, and was afraid of spreading it. So I let the cleaners do their job and did they ever! Excellent work and a very affordable price, will be sure to recommend!
Mary Jones07/12/2016
     The upholstery on my furniture was looking grubby and I decided to have it cleaned professionally by Harrow on the Hill Carpet Cleaning. With a young family and 2 dogs you can appreciate it had a lot of wear and tear over the day! This company was easy to deal with and sent cleaners who did an excellent job and really got rid of the dirt and in fact the upholstery looked almost like new. In fact, when the cleaners had finished their work, it looked superb! The cost of the upholstery clean was really good, and it has saved me money from buying new pieces! Excellent work!
Michelle Carter14/07/2015
     I used to believe hiring cleaning companies was only for the “rich people” but I was wrong. I discovered HarrowontheHillCarpetCleaners by accident and since spring cleaning was coming up I decided to call them. They had a good offer so I didn't feel that I was wasting money away. I never would have guessed what an amazing job they would do, really! In fact, I was so excited by the results that I decided to call them on a regular basis!
Lana F.17/03/2015
     I have two toddlers in my home means that my carpet is pretty much ruined. There are all sorts of stains on the carpet that I have been unable to get rid of by myself and I didn't think professional cleaning would help. I was on my way to getting us a new carpet when one of my friends suggested I give HarrowontheHillCarpetCleaners a try. I am so glad I did! Not only did they remove most of the stain, the carpet looks much cleaner and fresh now. Thanks so much guys!
Annabel L.18/02/2015
     I was so happy with the recent carpet and rug cleaning service I used. Over time my carpets and rugs had become dirty from daily use and of course my 2 dogs. I was passed on the name of a cleaning company from a friend who had raved at how good they were. HarrowontheHillCarpetCleaners did a wonderful job and removed the stains and dirt that had built up. The carpet and rugs look so clean now and smell so fresh.
Marilyn Gross24/11/2014
     I hired HarrowontheHillCarpetCleaners when I first moved into my rented accommodation because although the place was nicely decorated it wasn't at the standard of cleanliness I usually desire. I must say they worked wonders with my place; it's looked fantastic after they had visited and I was so happy with the results. I was so pleased with them I now hire them on a regular basis as never before would I consider doing so, but I was that impressed I just had too! Can't wait for the next visit, what I like is that they will do anything you wish and so I get everything done gradually as and when it needs doing.
Jacob L.08/05/2014
     I would like to extend thanks to HarrowontheHillCarpetCleaners for ensuring that my end of tenancy cleaning was done quite as well as it was! You will not find a higher class of chaps than the team that I had; they were great with their timings, very nice to deal with, and did a great job on the cleaning itself. On top of all that, the price was a lot lower than I was expecting, simply because they were so quick! Some companies try to string the work out a bit to get away with charging more, but not this lot! Very highly recommended, well done!
Scott Rogers07/01/2014

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